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Black Funeral – Vampyr – Throne Of The Beast (FOTL) TS Black

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Classic USBM album from 1995 – infamous "Vampyr – Throne Of The Beast" by Black Funeral. 

So cold and blood-chilling image, totally old-school. 

Official licence from the band 
Printed on both sides 
Base: Fruit of the Loom 
Material: 100% cotton


Black Funeral

Black Funeral emerged from the abyss in the year 1993 from Indianapolis, Indiana as a vampiric black metal band by Michael W. Ford (as Akhtya Nachttoter.) The very essence of the band was centered on the cult of black metal and Luciferian ideology from a nightside approach. As stated by the band for the release of Empire of Blood: "Black Funeral is the incarnation of death and Vampyrichbloodlust. We are the ghosts which dwell beyond the shadows of the grave… During some nights we rise from our tombs to haunt the living. Our spells weave webs of darkness, through our shadows humans are inspired to hate - Misanthropic beauty is created." Black Funeral is a catalyst for vampyric feeding, the very musick being as a tendril into the vein of a dying myth of a God. Black Funeral exists as a black art manifestation of nightmares in music. Black Funeral was one of the first seminal cult black metal bands in America. Inspired by early Bathory, Von, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, early Emperor, Mayhem and Burzum, “Journey’s into Horizon’s Lost” was recorded and distributed everywhere possible. The recordings ugliness, bad production and extreme sound placed Black Funeral as one of the most chaotic black metal bands in the USA. Musically Black Funeral was a cold and raw mix of black and deathlike metal, always ugly and harsh.

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