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Covenant – Nexus Polaris Cover Art

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Cover art by legendary Andreas Marschall. 

Official full-size (60cm x 60cm) copies of his works with the autograph of the artist.



An experimental metal band from Hamar/Oslo, Norway, founded in 1992 by Stian Arnesen (aka Lex Icon/Nagash), who was then joined by Amund Svensson (aka Psy Coma/ Blackheart/Thanatos). Covenant was initially founded as an atmospheric/symphonic/melodic/black metal hybrid, but made a drastic stylistic turn towards more modern industrial/electronic influenced metal on their third album Animatronic. Since 1999 the band has been known as The Kovenant as they were forced to change name after a copyright dispute. Since 2003 they have been working on their fifth album Aria Galactica, which remains uncompleted.

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