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Drudkh – Night Lady Fit T-Shirt White

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Official worldwide licence from the band.
Printed on both sides
Base: Fruit of the Loom
Material: 100% cotton



Ukrainian black metal band with some folk influence, founded in 2003. All the current four also belonged to Blood of Kingu band until it was disbanded. Their lyrics and artistic themes embrace Slavic mythology and Ukrainian nationalism. Drudkh reject any explicit connection to a political ideology. Many of the band's lyrics are derived from the works of 19th and 20th century Ukrainian poets (Oleksandr Oles, Oleh Olzhych, Maik Yohansen etc.) and especially Taras Shevchenko. Drudkh embrace epic folk-influenced melodies and create cinematic and luxuriant atmospheres charged with bitterness, melancholy and sorrow.

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