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Graveland – In The Glare Of Burning Churches Pin

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Label: Mara Production

Metal pin with 2 butterfly clutches.

Size: 4 см х 4,5 см



Black Metal band formed in 1991 in Wrocław, Poland. Graveland's style has changed from raw black metal on the early albums to a more epic sound which is inspired by Hammerheart-era Bathory. Lyrically, on the early works Rob Darken was inspired by Celtic beliefs, now he's Wotanism-orientated and calls his music "epic pagan metal". One of the band logo was done by Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel. This logo appears for the first time on "Carpathian Wolves" and was used up to "Immortal Pride", however it showed an inverted cross instead the thorshammer. This logo was replaced by a lettering in red Fraktur capitals during 1999 and 2003.

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