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HATE FOREST – The Most Ancient Once TS

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Hate Forest

Hate Forest is a black metal band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, formed by Roman Saenko, in 1995. Thurios joined the band in 1998, after the recording of Scythia. The band never gave interviews, and never released photos, and tended to distance themselves from the "black metal scene". Their lyrics primarily focused on Slavic/Aryan mythology, Lovecraftian mythos, and the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Hate Forest called it a day, in 2005, with Roman and Thurios switching focus to the Ukrainian folk metal/black metal band, Drudkh. They reunited in 2019 after playing the Nove Kolo festival where they donated all proceeds from their performance to a local children's charity. Their new album Hour of the Centaur was released in December 2020.

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