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Ildjarn – Strength And Anger Back Patch

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Original "Strength & Anger" artwork printed on back-patch first time ever. 

Size: 27cm х 23cm x 34cm



Ildjarn is the solo project of Vidar Våer, former bassist of Death Metal band Thou Shalt Suffer (which later turned into Emperor). From, 1992 through 1996 Ildjarn (occasionally collaborating with fellow Norwegians Nidhogg and Ihsahn) recorded various demos, EPs and albums containing extreme, harshly distorted, raw black metal interspersed with minimalist ambient soundscapes, and disappeared from public view shortly after the release of Landscapes, a double album containing nothing but droning ambient pieces. In 2002 Ildjarn returned with two ambient releases Hardangervidda and Hardangervidda Part 2, recorded in collaboration with Nidhogg. The Hardangervidda ambient project is the very last work recorded by the artist. However, demand from fans led to Ildjarn's decision to make the recordings from his vault available, as well as repressing most of his discography. In 2005, the Ildjarn Is Dead double album sealed Ildjarn's discographic legacy.

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