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Inquisition – Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer TS

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Official licence from the band.
Printed on both sides
Base: Fruit of the Loom
Material: 100% cotton



Inquisition (Unites States - Agonia Records artist) is a black metal band from Seattle, Washington USA with origins in Colombia South America where the founder, Dagon, was living at the time. The band was fully realized in 1996 when Dagon left Colombia and moved back to the United States where he met Incubus, who joined on drums that same year.This line-up has remained stable for more than fifteen years. Their sound involves the combination of old school Thrash metal, major guitar progressions with the depth and darkness of black metal's chaotic minor guitar progressions. Dagon's voice is very monotonous and chant like and does not sound like any voice typically used in Black Metal. Dagon has expressed that his vocal style is not meant to reflect that of a human, but rather that of an unseen entity in demonic form. The topics that form part of band's songs are everything from classic medieval Satanism to the dark laws of astro physics and the universe in general joined into one unit.

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