Affiliate Terms and Conditions

M-Hall Store Affiliate Program Terms of Service

To attract visitors to the site, you can use the following methods of advertising:

  • Placing banners, buttons.
  • Placing text links like “buy metal merchandise” or any other.
  • Writing articles to stimulate the reader to visit our site.
  • Set the link leading to any page on the site, simply by adding a variable with a partner ID to the page address. For example, you can publish a banner on your website and give visitors a link to our website’s homepage as a link, where PARTNER_ID is your partner ID.

Affiliate Program Terms

  • The link must be direct without hidden redirects.
  • It is forbidden to distribute the link through mass mailing.
  • It is forbidden to spam on the forums.
  • It is forbidden to place contextual advertising on requests containing the domain name and its derivatives in Ukrainian, Russian or English.
  • It is forbidden to place contextual advertising, which will lead to the site
  • It is forbidden to use key phrases in the search engine promotion of your own sites or groups on social networks containing the domain name and its derivatives in combination with the words “promo code”, “discount” and the like.
  • Referral program applies only to accounts registered by individuals. The program does not apply to legal entities and self employed accounts.
  • The site on which the advertisement is placed must not violate the legislation of Ukraine.
  • You can’t mislead visitors who follow the referral link promising them discounts, which they will not receive in the end.
  • In case of violation of the terms of the affiliate program, we reserve the right to refuse payment to the partner and block participation in the affiliate program without explaining the reason.

Affiliate Award:

  • 15% of all orders for merchandise (excluding digital goods) paid by the attracted retail client (referral).
  • The ability to withdraw money to a card Visa / MasterCard or PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 15.
  • Remuneration becomes available no earlier than 15 days after the delivery of the goods.
  • Payment of remuneration is made no later than 10 days from the date of filing an application for payment of the specified remuneration, which specifies the method of payment. All expenses for payment of the commission of payment systems are borne by the partner.

Referral fee is not charged in the following cases:

  • if the visitor requested a refund.


By participating in the Affiliate Program, you express your unconditional acceptance of these rules.
We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time without notice, new Rules enter into force immediately after their publication.
In case of violation of these Rules, your affiliate account can be deleted or fined.