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Grand Belial’s Key – Vultures Of Misfortune Flag

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Official band merchandise. 

High quality, heavy cloth flag with 4 grommets. 

Size: 90 cm x 90 cm


Grand Belial's Key

Grand Belial's Key was formed in 1992 by guitarist Gelal Necrosodomy and vocalist Lord Vlad Luciferian. Lord Vlad was kicked out of the band shortly after the demos and joined the Norwegian band Ancient. A full line-up was completed and they released Mocking the Philanthropist. It was banned, but later re-released as Castrate the Redeemer. The last full-length they released was Kosherat, which saw the debut of a new singer and a new drummer. The last official recording is a split with the bands Absurd and Sigrblot titled Weltenfeind, which includes songs recorded during the Kosherat session, at the same studio, with the same members, which indicates that it is most likely the last piece of music from GBK. As opposed to the aggressive Satanism of many black metal bands, GBK's lyrics take a literate, satirical view of biblical lore. The band is known for incorporating melodic, traditional heavy metal influences while retaining the more unorthodox aspects of black metal songwriting. GBK are one of America's first black metal bands and are true fathers of USBM.

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