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Ancient Wisdom was Swedish black metal band created by Vargher of Bewitched, Naglfar, Throne Of Ahaz fame.
After releasing 4 albums on Avantgarde Music the band disappeared from fans radars in 2004, but remained in our memory as atmospheric, dark and sick milestone.
We present the legendary logo t-shirts.
Official merch approved by the band.
Printed on both sides
Base: Fruit of the Loom
Material: 100% cotton


Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom is a atmospheric black metal / doom metal band, formed in UmeƄ, Sweden in 1992 by Marcus E. Norman under the name Ancient, changed it after the release of their first demo album, In the Eye of the Serpent , into Ancient Wisdom. After recording another demo, Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness (1994), the band was offered a contract from Avantgarde Music. Since then four abums: For Snow Covered the Northland (1996), The Calling (1997), And the Physical Shape of Light Bled (2000) and Cometh Doom, Cometh Death (2004) have been recorded.

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