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Gehenna – Malice TS

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Nice and detailed merch representing GEHENNA’s "Malice" masterpiece artwork in full shining.

Official worldwide licence from the band.

Printed on both sides
Base: Fruit of the Loom
Material: 100% cotton



Gehenna was formed in Norway in January 1993 as a nameless project by Sanrabb (guitar, vocals), Dolgar (guitar, vocals) and Sir Vereda (drums). They didn't give the band a name until they had enough material which would represent their voice. In May of the same year, the trio entered the studio to record the demo "Black Seared Heart". It was recorded in Soundsuite Studios, released 1993 and limited to 100 copies. Two tracks from the demo were taken and released on a 7", "Ancestors of the Darkly Sky", and released by Dutch Necromantic Gallery Productions same year. Shortly after the releases Sir Verada ended up in prison and the band had to look for a new drummer. They found Dirge Rep and also a new bass player by the name Svartalv.

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