Labyrinthus Stellarum – Tales Of The Void Digital Album

$ 9,99

1 Void Dwellers
2 Nebular Temple
3 The Eternity
4 Cosmic Winds
5 The Birth
6 Star Chant
7 Stellar Nursery

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Archivist Records/Musical Hall Distribution is proud to present the digital edition of LABYRINTHUS STELLARUM “Tales of the Void”. The fantastic debut full-length record by young musicians from Ukrainian city of Odesa is captivating cosmic black metal at its best, an atmospheric work of enchanting beauty. If you ever wanted to have your favorite record to behold the vast grandeur of the night sky with its planets, nebulas and constellations, then this album is what you need. Huge recommendations for everyone curious to hear SUMMONING on the starship and for the fans of LUSTRE, MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY, MESARTHIM, RAVENTALE’s Planetarium series.

Alexander Andronati – vocals, composing, arrangements.
Alexander Kostetskyi – guitars, composing
Misha Andronati – guitars, mastering

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