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Hades White Logo Printed Patch

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Legendary HADES logo, which every black metal fan definitely familiar with.

Official licence from the band. 

High-quality printed patch. 

3D effect! 

Size: 11,5 cm х 8,5 cm



Hades is a Norwegian band, founded in 1992 by Erstwhile Immortal guitarist Jorn Inge Tunsberg along with ex-Dark drummer Remi, adopted the addition of their home country to their name after their 1993 demo 'Alone Walkyng' appeared following protests from the American Hades. This opening session saw the founding duo joined by Janto Garmanslund on bass and vocals with Nagel on guitar. 'Alone Walkyng' saw a commercial issue through the Vantgarde subsidiary Wounded Love Records. The band's debut album, issued in December of 1994 and finding Stig usurping Nagel as second guitarist, had the group offering familiar Norwegian Black Metal based around Viking and pagan themes.

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