Arghoslent – Unconquered Soldiery Digital Album

$ 9,99

01 March - Unconquered Soldiery
02 Troops of Unfeigned Might
03 Jaws of the Furnace
04 Bastard Son of One Thousand Whores - Mob of the Howling
05 The Nubian Archer
06 Race War (Carnivore cover)
07 The Ghosts of Flossenburg

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The songs on this release were raw and unfiltered recordings featured on various 7″ eps and compilations that have long been out-of-print. An attempt to equalize and remaster these has been made. Thanks to all the labels who released these hymns. This rarity is only for the real Arghosoldiers and true death metal underground.
Tracks 1 to 3 were originally released as the Troops Of Unfeigned Might 7″.
Track 4 was originally released on the split 7″ with StarGazer.
Track 5 was originally released on the split 7″ with Morbid Upheaval.
Track 6 was originally released on the If You Can’t Eat It Or Fuck It… Then Kill It! (A Tribute To Carnivore) compilation CD.
Track 7 was originally released on the split 7″ with Der Stürmer and Mudoven.

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