NortherN – Cabin Fever Digital Album

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01 The Pangs of Nature's Indifference
02 Hypothermia
03 Outsider
04 Cabin Fever
05 Darshana
06 Alcoholism
07 The Final Stage of Paradoxical Undressing

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NortherN (formerly Cold Northern Vengeance) from the frozen land of GG Allin ( aka New Hampshire ) offers the listener 7 Rustic Charms of Darkness on their latest offering to the Gods below entitled ‘Cabin Fever’ out on Sinistrari Records.

The rugged coldness of a blizzard in the woods coupled with a whiskey bent misanthropic view of the world at large will lead you to a depressive and paradoxical conclusion. Do not put your faith in mankind . Look to the mountains and the secrets of the North… Stockpile ammo, carry a pistol , tend to the fire , crack the bottle of bourbon and heed the call of the NortherN black wind …

Northern plays Pagan, cold, perplexing black metal in the Vinland style. Support the true American underground terror.

This is their 2021 album recorded for Sinistrari Records. Ex-Cold Northern Vengeance.

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Thor Thunderfist
Product Rating :

Hail to the gods and goddesses, my fellow metalheads! I, Thor Thunderfist, have just emerged from my cabin in the woods, where I have been listening to Northern’s newest album, “Cabin Fever”. Let me tell you, this album is like a mighty axe that cleaves through the air with unbridled fury and power!
From the first notes of “Hyperthermia”, I was transported to the heart of a dark forest, where the trees loom tall and the spirits of the ancestors whisper secrets in the wind. The vocals of Heathen are like a wolf’s howl in the night, primal and fierce, while the guitars cut through the air like the blades of Odin’s warriors.
“Cabin Fever” is a track that will make you feel like you’re casting spells with your own hands, summoning the powers of the gods and calling forth the spirits of the dead. The drums of Claytanas thunder like the hooves of Sleipnir, while the bass of Noctis provides a solid foundation for the frenzied guitar riffs.
But it’s not all darkness and brutality on this album. “Alcoholism” is a track that will have you raising your drinking horn in celebration, as the band takes a more melodic approach and sings of the joys of life and the bonds of brotherhood.
Overall, “Cabin Fever” is an album that will make you want to don your battle gear and charge into the fray, whether that be on the battlefield or in the mosh pit. So gather your fellow warriors and raise a hail to Northern, for they have once again proven themselves to be worthy of the gods’ favor!

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